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The Pakistan Educational and Cultural Board was set up in 1968 by ETC Group's founder, the late Mohammad Ashraf Amin, and other prominent entrepreneurs to provide education for underprivileged, expatriate children in Dubai on a non-profit basis.

ETC Group believes that education is essential for community growth and for economic progress. The School was started in 1969 and focuses on providing education to students from under-privileged backgrounds. Children were ferried from home to school in tough and challenging conditions and were taught in small, rented rooms with modest facilities. In 1972, the first school building was constructed to meet the increasing demand of the fast-growing Pakistani community. In 1987, following exponential growth in the population, a larger campus that included fully furnished classrooms and well-equipped laboratories was constructed. Currently, Pakistan Education Academy has 1700 students and a well qualified staff of 220.

In 1978, there was a pressing need for a school that would teach British Curriculum. As a result, another school was established in the same campus. This school is also non-profit institution. In April 1978, with 40 students and 10 staff, the school was opened. Since its inception, the school has maintained very high pass rates for its students. The English Language Private School currently has 1,500 students and 160 teachers and staff. The school prepares its students for both O'level and A'level exams.

Over the years, ETC Group has supported numerous educational projects, enabling more than 5,000 students to graduate with GCSEs and A' Level certifications.