ETC Group

ETC Group Ltd.

ETC Group has built its business by following a highly disciplined business model, executing attractive, risk-adjusted, value-enhancing trades, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards. more

Eastern Trading Company LLC

Over the years Eastern Trading Company has traded in millions of ounces of gold and silver including physical valued at several billion dollars and on spot and futures markets, together with substantial dealings in foreign exchange. more

Eastern Trust LLC

Eastern Trust LLC is a licensed financial services company regulated by the UAE Central Bank. more

AL Khabir General Trading L.L.C

Al Khabir General Trading L.L.C has been operating successfully in Dubai for the past 20 years.

Our International Strategic Alliances with companies in five continents enable us to source products/services from various locations worldwide, simultaneously, saving costs and valuable time for our customers. more

Zareen Developments Ltd.

Zareen Developments Limited is focussed on development of residential housing units in Dubai's Jumeirah Village South. more

Educational Services

The Pakistan Educational and Cultural Board was set up in 1968 by ETC Group's founder, the late Mohammad Ashraf Amin, and other prominent entrepreneurs to provide education for underprivileged, expatriate children in Dubai on a non-profit basis. more